Venus Factor Reviews

venus factor reviewThe Venus Factor program was designed by John Barban. Venus Factor reviews report that he took a unique, leptin-based approach to weight loss for women. His program combines nutrition, exercise and community support to help all women achieve a perfectly sculpted body.

What is leptin resistance?

Most weight-loss programs are designed around the idea that it’s all about calories-in, calories-out. If the overweight individual just develops enough will-power to stop eating so much and to get up and move, the weight will come right off, right? Well, thousands of women can attest that the calories-in/calories-out willpower approach just doesn’t work.

Science has finally started figuring out what the real problem is, and it appears to be a hormone called leptin. Being resistant to leptin is a major factor in weight gain in women. Leptin-resistant women have great difficulty in losing weight, as well.

In normal individuals, fat cells secrete leptin, which travels to the brain and tells the brain there is plenty of fat laid down and therefore there is no need to eat, conserve energy or lay down more fat. The brain obligingly tells the body it is full, and the person doesn’t feel hungry. In individuals with leptin resistance, the brain doesn’t seem to be able to detect the leptin. So it sends signals to the body telling it “we’re starving to death! We need to eat, eat, eat!” It also sends other signals out telling the body to conserve energy, so the metabolism slows down and the body starts laying down fat as much as possible.

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No one has sufficient willpower to resist the brain’s constant shrieking “starving! starving! eat!”, so women with leptin resistance tend to eat much more than they need to eat, despite their best intentions. Their leptin-resistant driven metabolism then converts all of these calories into fat. There is no way anyone can successfully lose weight and keep it off without correcting the leptin resistance problem first.

Science has identified a number of ways to stop the leptin resistance cycle:

  • Exercise
  • Avoid inflammatory foods
  • Avoid highly processed foods
  • Eat fewer carbohydrates
  • Eat more protein
  • Eat more soluble fiber
  • Get more sleep

The Venus Factor program


Venus Factor reviews report that the Venus Factor program is designed to help individuals break the leptin-resistance cycle. It has a diet plan that helps restore proper leptin function. It has an exercise program that is also intended to help restore proper leptin function. Because peer support has been shown to help individuals stick with weight-loss programs, it also provides an online support community. No weight-loss program will work if people don’t follow it. Venus Factor reviews indicate that the online support program is very supportive, informative and friendly.

Easy to follow

All of the Venus Factor reviews say that the Venus Factor program is easy for anyone to follow. The exercises are clearly explained on the DVDs and can be completed at home with only minimal equipment necessary. If you have a gym membership already, of course the exercise program can also be completed at the gym. The fully customizable diet plan is also easy to follow, and the suggested dishes are not only tasty, but are easy to prepare. The diet plan doesn’t require women to perform complicated calorie counts, avoid entire food groups, or starve themselves so it is easier to stick to than many other diet plans.

Not for everyone

Obviously, men can’t use the Venus Factor program. It is designed for women only. If you and your significant other want to try to lose weight together, this program is not going to work for you. However, because the Venus Factor diet plan emphasizes healthy, clean eating, the entire family can enjoy eating the suggested dishes. This means that you won’t end up cooking two different meals for dinner each night.

The Venus Factor program is also not really aimed at women who just want to lose a few pounds or improve their overall fitness. It is a dedicated program designed to sculpt the female body into a picture of healthy perfection.

Why not men?

The physiology of men and women’s bodies is very different when it comes to fat deposition and fat burning. Women’s bodies were designed by evolution to pack on fat stores in order to make it through pregnancies and nursing. Therefore the way that women’s bodies produce and respond to leptin is very different than the way that men’s bodies do. Women are much more likely to develop leptin-resistance than men are.

Women’s bodies also respond to simple carbohydrates differently than men’s bodies. Many women pack on pounds from eating even the smallest amounts of bread or pasta, while most men can consume large amounts of these foods with no effect on their waistline. Women with leptin resistance are also very likely to develop carbohydrate cravings; men almost never do. Therefore, weight-loss programs for women need to address these issues, which are not issues for men. Venus Factor reviews indicate that the Venus Factor program is tailored to women’s metabolisms only.

What comes with the program?

The complete program consists of an instruction manual, the exercise program provided in video format, a software program to customize a diet plan for each individual following the program, and access to an online forum for support.

Does it work?

venus factor review trialVenus Factor reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The program is easy to follow and generates quick results in the form of immediate weight loss. As the weight comes off, the sculpting provided by the focused exercise program quickly starts to become apparent. Curves appear only where curves are most attractive, and vanish from where they aren’t.

Venus Factor program participants report they have more energy, they sleep better, and they look and feel younger. As the program restores their natural leptin function, they find it easy to lose the excess weight and keep it off. There is nothing radical or unhealthy about the Venus Factor program- it’s all about learning how to live in a healthy fashion.