2012 Agenda

This agenda is a work in progress. Please remember to check back as it continues to take shape and grows.

Friday, August 17th, 2012

2 – 5 PM – Early Check in
7  – 10 PM – Cocktail Party with Rebootizer at the Riverside Pavilion at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge 

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Check in starts at 8:00AM 


 8:00 –
   Breakfast sponsored by wild harvest®
 8:45 –
   Opening Remarks
 9:00 –
   Teams of Awesome: Introductions
 9:35 –
  Morning Workout with Reebok
 10:15 –
   Morning Break
 10:45 –
Hosting a Virtual Challenge
with Amanda Brooks
of Run to the Finish
Blog Photog Basics with Gretchen Powell of Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen
 11:35 –
Blogging With Brands: a panel hosted by Lauren of Say What You Need to Say Blog Design Boot Camp with Julie Grice of Savvy Eats
 12:25 –
 1:30 –
   Keynote Speaker courtesy of Wild Harvest(R),
Genie Nicholas & Kim Kirchherr
 2:25 –
Newbie Q & A Discussion
lead by Courtney of
Sweet Tooth Sweet Life
I am the Blogger in Your Neighborhood: a panel hosted by Holly, The Healthy Everythingtarian
 3:10 –
   Afternoon Break and Workout with Drink Chia!
 3:30 –
Social Media: Keeping Up With Online Trends with Heather of Running with Sass The Fuzzy Grey Areas of Blogging: a panel hosted by Rachel Wilkerson
 4:20 –
5:00 PM
   Closing Remarks


Sunday, August 19th, 2012

8AM – 9Am – 5K Fun Run/ Walk
9AM – 11:00AM – Farewell Brunch and Roundtable Discussions 


  • Hosting a Virtual Challenge: Should you do it and how?

The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge sounded like a fun little thing to host. What once seemed “little” quickly turned in to a lot of work, a ton of fun and a great way to engage with readers. Over the years, reoccurring challenges have great opportunities to grow – in this challenge’s fourth year, there were over 1,000 participants.  Amanda Brooks from Run to the Finish will discuss how her successful challenge got started, lessons learned along the way and guidelines for running your own successful challenge on your own blog.

  • Just Say No… To On-Camera Flash: An Introduction to Blog Photog Basics

Looking to take your pictures up to the next level? Learn how to master a few essential photography basics that will make your blog truly stand out. Though this presentation will focus predominantly on DSLR basics, Gretchen Powell of Honey I Shrunk the Gretchen will also cover a few tricks to step up your point & shoot and camera phone photos as well!

  • Social Media: Keeping Up With Online Trends

With the ever-changing climate of social media, it’s hard to know what’s “in” and what will help grow your blog audience. Heather Montgomery from Running with Sass describes ways to utilize social media in conjunction with your blog to help grow your readership. The main topics of discussion will focus on utilizing Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, and instagram.

  • Blogging With Brands 

Working with brands is a great way to earn recognition with your site while earning extra income. This session will take a look at both sides of the relationship- the blogger and the brand.  Lauren Podolsky from Say What You Need to Say will lead a panel of fellow bloggers to share from their own experiences, offering answers to questions we’ve all asked ourselves. What are the tools that bloggers should have in order to be considered a good fit for a company?  What are the things companies look for when seeking out potential bloggers? How much time should you spend on a review post and what things should be included that benefit the company and your readers?  From media kits, to good SEO practices, this session will give great insight into ways to put yourself out there and start working with brands. Lauren will be joined by Ashley Diamond of Healthy Happier Bear, Anne P. of fANNEtastic Food,   and Theodora Blanchfield of Losing Weight In the City, as well as special guest Kelly Olexa and various brand representatives who will share the other side of the relationships we form, too.

  • Blog Design Boot Camp

A beautiful blog design can do a lot for your blog’s growth.  We’re all looking for something to catch a new visitors’ attention and keep them coming back for more.  Take some time during your weekend in Boston to get inspired to step up the looks of your site! Learn how to revamp your blog to make it both more user-friendly and eye-catching in this mini blog design boot camp. This session, led by Julie Grice of Savvy Blog Services and Savvy Eats, will focus largely on design for self-hosted WordPress blogs.

  •  I Am The Blogger in Your Neighborhood

This panel, led by Holly, The Healthy Everytarian, will discuss the beauty of reaching out beyond the blogging wall.  This discussion will move beyond meet-ups with your local blends, discussing other ways to get involved in the city you are physically located.  Booking local news segments, attending special events as Press, and more – get ready to take one giant step away from your computer routine to get your blog known in new and exciting ways around town.  Holly, along with panel members Meghann and Clare, of Meals and Miles and Fitting It All In, respectively, will be sharing a look into their personal experiences, giving you tips and suggestions for how to grow your own relationship with the places you call home.

  •  The Fuzzy Grey Areas of Blogging

Rachel Wilkerson, never one to avoid push button issues, hosts this panel devoted to covering questions bloggers often wonder, but hardly ever discuss together by the hundreds. We’re talking blogging ethics – we’ll touch a bit on what the law says, then move on to all the questions left behind by what the law DOESN’T say.  Joining Rachel on her quest to cover all the shades of grey are Dori Manela of Dori’s Shiny Blog and Teri  Zawrotny of  A Foodie Stays Fit.  Topics range from bloggers’ responsibility vs. readers’ responsibility, being honest and authentic while protecting your privacy, accepting free stuff, talking about your relationships, and so much more.  Get ready to go there, friends!

  • Newbie Q & A Discussion
We’ve all been there in the beginning of our blogging journeys; feeling like a newbie in a sea of veterans.  If you’re at the start of your own blog career, you don’t want to miss this Newbie Q & A Discussion session.  Join the conversation with blends at all different blog-ages, shapes and sizes.  Courtney Horan from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life will be leading the session, joined by a duo of wonderful women: Alicia from The Wannabe Foodie, and Chase from The Chase Project.  These girls will facilitate your questions and bring important topics to the table for the whole group to participate in together.  Share your struggles and successes, ask your own must-know questions and get advice from bloggers who have been there.