Addressing Recent Quantum Vision System Scam Claims

The Quantum Vision System was developed by optometrist Dr. John Kemp to eliminate the need and use of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other vision correcting devices for individuals suffering from weakened or debilitated visual capacity. Dr. Kemp implemented his years of experience and knowledge to create his vision system that improves eyesight through a simple, non-invasive process. Since the inception of Dr. Kemp’s innovative techniques, there have been detractors creating Quantum Vision System scam theories. While unproven, some of the most persistent complaints are addressed below.


Quantum Vision System is Suppressed by a Conspiracy

Dr. Kemp has gone on record claiming that a vast medical industry conspiracy is preventing the information he provides in his vision system from being released to the public for profit. He claims that this is done to continue to sell eyeglasses, contact lenses, and laser eye correction surgeries.

It is true that Dr. Kemp’s theories may seem a tad paranoid, and impossible to confirm, but that does not mean his Quantum Vision System isn’t sound. In fact, Dr. Kemp’s system is based on the trusted Bates Method. The Quantum system simply expands and delves deeper into the techniques and ideology.


There is a Lack of Credible Information about Dr. Kemp

The Quantum Vision System scam idea is often presented with the “evidence” that Dr. Kemp is little better than a paid actor due to the lack of information about himself that can be uncovered online. John Kemp is a doctor hailing from Virginia is about the extent of personal information that one can find.

The lack of personal information can be easily explained by one of the previous complaints. Due to Dr. Kemp’s controversial comments and theories about the medical establishment, it would be advisable that he use a false identity to protect both his identity and his career. This does not detract from the fact that the Quantum Vision System is based on long standing medical knowledge and research, which includes the notable Bates Method.


Information About the Quantum Vision System is Available for Free Elsewhere

While much of the basic information highlighted in Dr. Kemp’s system is available for free via other avenues, it is hardly the whole system. The Quantum Vision System Dr. Kemp created uses eye exercises and special nutritional guidelines to encourage optimal results. The more intricate aspects of the techniques and vision system are not easily found, or not available at all except through Dr. Kemp’s system.


Suspect Testimonials from Quantum Vision System Users

Another round in the arsenal supporting the Quantum Vision System scam theory is that testimonials for the system itself. How are these testimonials suspicious, you ask? Detractors point out that the last names of users who have given testimonials are omitted, making it difficult to prove that the people are real. This is hardly solid proof that the testimonials are falsified. In fact, customers have the right to privacy online.


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