Adonis Golden Ratio Review

My Adonis Golden Ratio Review: The Only Men’s Weight and Fitness Program That Delivers Real Results

Adonis Golden Ratio ReviewOverview

If you and your bank account are sick and tired of wasting time, money and effort on weight loss and body toning programs that promise everything and deliver zip, you deserve one that actually works–which is likely why you’re reading this adonis golden ratio review. This concept isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. These folks address the whole man, not statistics. A life-changing, three-prong combination of personal support, nutrition and exercise is the new face of men’s fitness and you don’t have to sell your car to afford it! There’s a reason the creators of this program chose Adonis as an iconic symbol: The Greek god represents youth and desire—the quintessential handsome man who has it all. That’s your goal, isn’t it? A body that allows you to live life to the max? Healthy. Vibrant. Desirable. This review explains how a revolutionary combination of support, diet and workout tools can change your life forever. It sure changed mine.

What is Adonis Golden Ratio?

It’s the first truly a gender-based approach to weight loss and body sculpting with scientifically-proven roots designed by men, for men. Adonis Golden is an easy-to-follow program featuring aids that work together to change the way you eat, exercise and behave. It’s not a diet plan. It’s a life plan. And you control the rate at which your program progresses. Interested in reclaiming your power over your body? That was one of my goals when I discovered this miracle.

adonis golden ratio program review

How does the Adonis Golden Ratio work?

Step 1: Consists of a custom nutrition program based on what men need to function at optimal levels. Your age, height, body measurements and activity level are factored into a software program tailored to provide daily and weekly food, macronutrient and calorie parameters. Customized, proprietary software drives the menus and food choices and it’s as easy to use as your Facebook app. Follow nutritional advice formulated for your body type. This tool helps you make healthy food choices without second guessing yourself. As your body slims down and redefines itself, the software updates itself to accommodate your streamlined physique from week to week. But your journey only starts here …

Step 2: Involves your custom workout program, scientifically engineered to maximize weight loss progress, triggering your metabolic system to function more efficiently and move you from out-of-shape to nicely-proportioned. Spots predisposed to attract body fat (possibly due to family history) and lifestyle are targeted. Your workout is also managed by a combination of an app and videos—there are over 100 instructional videos available exclusively to Adonis Golden participants and your app tracks activity so you’ve a continual monitoring system to mark your progress. Go from flabby to fit and toned, focusing on muscle groups associated with your unique physiology and even your genetics. This is your plan.  In my opinion, this nutrition and workout combination synchs up like a finely tuned car engine.

Step 3: Imagine a support network that’s with you 24/7. Guys of all ages who are in the same boat as you are, available any time you need advice, support or motivation. Some members of the Adonis Golden forum swear it’s the most important component of the program because, when used wisely, it makes them accountable. Immediate membership into this exclusive universe paired with your workout and custom nutrition programs offer a full complement of support that differentiates this from all other weight and fitness formulas. You can even maintain your connections, diet and workout on the fly, using your apps to monitor your progress while at work, on the road, at home or in the gym. According to one member, it’s like having a personal trainer at his disposal 24/7—when have you ever heard of a program that is this sensible, efficient and timely in this day and age?

What’s included?

Become a member of the Adonis Golden family and receive everything you need to get started fast; software, exercise videos and contacts with men who are already working their programs. All of the software developed by KLF International is cutting-edge, continually updated and devoid of superfluous material that doesn’t directly impact your journey to achieving a healthy, toned body. The international team of consultants includes physiologists, biologists, nutritionists, psychologists and even an economist on the team so Adonis Golden is affordably priced. They control all aspects of the program to maintain integrity and meet the goal of reaching out to men who, in the past, faced disappointment, depression and anger rather than support, hope and encouragement. According to a current Adonis Golden forum member, “At last, I never again have to search for another way to get physically fit!”

Adonis Golden Ratio Review

Is the Adonis Golden program for you?

You bet it is. And the Adonis Golden team have the case studies to prove it. Whether you’re 20 or 70; whether your weight fluctuated repeatedly or not–whether you’ve given up and decided that you haven’t the will to try one more program—Adonis Golden is for you. Program components are regularly re-evaluated and improved and the forum is very active, as evidenced by increasing numbers of reviews written by men who are delighted to have finally found solutions. We know that a longer, healthier future awaits. But you won’t know how many benefits are yours for the asking if you don’t learn more. I urge you to request the introductory video that can begin your journey as it did mine. You can even view photos to visualize yourself once you’ve mastered the program!

Pros of using the Adonis Golden program

  • No gym membership is required! Work out at home using your own weights or exercise preferences guided by your tailor-made workout plan
  • Expect to see dramatic results in from 3 to 9 months if you faithfully follow the program
  • Training days are spread out so you have a life. Just 4 days a week to your workout
  • Sign up with a buddy, share tools and split the cost. Your chance of success doubles when you have a partner
  • If you don’t notice women taking a fresh look at you, treat yourself to new glasses!
  • 60-day money back guarantee means you lose nothing (but pounds and flab)

Cons of adopting the Adonis Golden program

  • The program isn’t designed to build a bodybuilder’s physique; we’re all about average guys like me and you
  • It takes time to master nutrition and exercise components, so if you’re impatient, you could get frustrated
  • Not every man is comfortable with a support group like the forum. We’re men—we don’t ask for directions!
  • Do you intend to use the program to condition your body for a specific sport? Adonis Golden may not be for you

Adonis Golden Ratio Risk-free Offer

adonis golden ratio guaranteeIf you have tried other programs and lost nothing but your money, don’t worry about that with the AGR program. You can try it now RISK FREE for 60 days as they are offering a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied after 60 days!