Cruise Control Diet Review

cruise control diet reviewMy Cruise Control diet review is meant to provide you with a look at how well, or otherwise, the diet works when following it over a lengthy period of time. As I’ve been trying to lose a bit of weight recently, I felt it was the perfect time to try out the Cruise Control diet once and for all. This Cruise Control diet review will go into detail about what the diet is, who it’s for and my in-depth experience with it.

What is the Cruise Control Diet

While there have been hundreds of fads over the years when it comes to new diet programs and weight loss pills, the Cruise Control diet aims to be one of the few that actually helps instead of harming when following it. It’s designed to provide a decent amount of weight loss in a relatively short period of time. In essence, there are four key things that those following this diet are supposed to do. The first is to eat only all natural foods as a means of providing fuel to the process of burning fat.

The second is to manage your body through eating sweets occasionally, which will satisfy the guilty pleasure aspect of your body by eating chocolates and cookies every once in a while. The third asks those following the diet to eliminate processed and packed foods from your diet, as these are the foods that allow for the build-up of fat within the body. The last is that eating all natural foods only when your body craves food is the best way to lose weight over time, as opposed to the standard methods of counting calories and going through a typical diet program.

If you get the standard package for the Cruise Control diet like I did, you will receive a guide to the core program, a wonderful booklet that provides weekly recipes for the first two months of the program, a jump-start guide that is designed to expedite the diet and a great cook book with recipes dedicated towards providing meals that cater to this diet.

Who the Cruise Control Diet is For

In general, this Cruise Control diet review is aiming to show you that the Cruise Control diet is for anyone that is looking to lose weight in a small period of time. However, it’s important to understand that this diet won’t allow you to lose an unrealistic goal of 10 pounds per week. By following the diet, you should lose a few pounds every week to the point where you might have lost anywhere from 30-40 pounds after eight weeks, sometimes even more. If you’ve been struggling for weight for a long time and want a diet that doesn’t ask you to do anything outlandish just to lose a few pounds, then the Cruise Control diet is for you. It’s also important to note that anyone that classifies themselves as strict vegetarians should consider skipping this diet, as it does ask those following the plan to eat meat on occasion.



My Experience With the Cruise Control Diet

My experience with the Cruise Control has been largely fantastic, which is actually why I’ve had more motivation to do a Cruise Control diet review. This diet is based on three phases, which are all detailed in the core guide book that comes with the diet. The three phases are known as the metabolic reset phase, cruise control phase and rapid fat burning phase. Even though it took a lot for me not to sway from the guidebook and the plan that it laid out in detail, I ended up being able to and have so far lost just around 37 pounds in 8 weeks, though the guide states that you can lose up to 40 or so in that same time period. The best thing about this diet has been the fact that I didn’t have to eliminate the more delicious foods like cake and chocolates. Instead, I was able to eat them on occasion and it really helped to prevent me from straying from the diet plan. So many other plans that are similar to this tell you to cut out those foods altogether, which I believe can make it really difficult to stick to the plan, as it makes you feel as though you’re giving up too much.

To give you a better look at what the diet entails, the first phase lasts for just around two weeks and is basically designed to reset your metabolism by lowering your levels of insulin hormone, allowing for your body to crave foods in a natural way. The second phase keeps your fat deposits and weight in check by allowing two delicious dishes per week. In fact, the program recommends that users continue following this phase even after the diet has ended. The third phase burns the fatty tissue as a result of what the first two phases built up. Much to my surprise, it actually seems to have worked as intended. It has also helped me have a boost in energy on many days, particularly towards the end of the diet, which is more than welcome. It’s also nice that I never had to go through any huge workouts or fasting just to lose this weight. The plan doesn’t eliminate food groups, which helped me not to feel hampered by it.

Negative Aspects of the Diet

Though I had a wonderful experience overall with the program, there are a couple of negatives I should probably mention. For one, the diet program isn’t focused on workouts in tandem with dieting, just the latter of the two, which some may find frustrating. It should also be noted that the program is online only, so you will need a good internet connection for it.

I hope my Cruise Control diet review was helpful to you and that you pick up the Cruise Control diet today if you want to lose weight quickly.