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by Heather on September 25, 2012

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With the ever-changing climate of social media, it’s hard to know what’s “in” and what will help grow your blog audience. Heather Montgomery from Running with Sass describes ways to utilize social media in conjunction with your blog to help grow your readership. The main topics of discussion will focus on utilizing Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, and instagram.



  • Social media users are up 19.2% from 2011
  • You should use prominent sharing icons on your sidebar
    • Heather uses Floating Social Media Icons plugin
    • Add your twitter handle to your sharing!
  • Use the Buffer appto schedule posts.  It is easy – and free!
    • you can also get a buffer extension to share posts on any site easily
    • you can also see analytics for your tweets/posts right in Buffer
  • 1.2 billion smart phones in the world
    • 55% of Twitter traffic is mobile users
    • 54% of Facebook traffic is mobile users
  • Facebook Talk
    • you don’t own the photos that you post on Facebook
    • Facebook now has promoted pages, meaning your entire friends list likely doesn’t see your post
    • Quality likes are important!  Spend time liking, sharing, and commenting and encouraging your community and followers to do the same.
    • Edgerank is Facebook’s algorithm
      • Edges measure video, comment, link, text
        • videos have the most edge
        • bigger isn’t always better.  Quality likes are important.
      • Ways to improve your EdgeRank
        • ask questions
        • post “fill in the blank” comments to promote answering
        • every interaction is getting put into the algorythm
        • comments are 4x more valuable than likes
          • 90% of people who “like” your page will not return to it
        • orange and red are popular colors to attract people
    • Get your vanity URL for Facebook!
    • Fill out your about me section with all of your relevant information
    • Hike Tab Builder – lets you put tabs on your Facebook Fan Page and it’s FREE!
    • Facebook Insights
      • you can filter posts and see what type is reaching the most people
      • you can see demographics
      • Facebook Pages App for iPhone


  • Twitter
    • Schedule Tweets in order to stay active in the conversation
    • Twitter parties
      • great way to interact with other Twitter friends
      • gain new followers
      • maybe even win prizes!
    • Mention your favorite brands in your tweets!
    • Set posts to auto-post through WordPress
      • Titles of posts are important. 
        • Make it catchy so people will click through – but don’t be deceptive!
  • Instagram
    • 166% growth in under 4 months
    • we love photos!
    • integrate with Facebook and Twitter
    • Use hashtags
    • Mention brands to catch their attention
      • Brands are now using Instagram for campaigns
    • Use the same name on Twitter and Instagram so people know who you are!
  • Foursquare
    • safety first!  Be weary of checking into places that you go ALL the time.
    • more than just a “check-in”
    • when you check in places that are “normal”  (like going to the DMV) you seem like a real person


  • You Tube
    • Allows you to get personal with your readers
    • people are getting lazy and don’t want to read a long block of text
    • You can be anything that you want to be! Lots of opportunities
    • It is much easier to make video than it has ever been before
  • Google+
    • You can format your posts
    • Google+ events/hangouts
    • integrate Facebook
    • Shorten to vanity URL
    • use your accounts consistently
    • have patience
    • have fun and the numbers will increase
    • don’t be afraid to ask for help!
      • Heather would love to help you:  runningwithsass@gmail.com




Bottom line with social media: get involved. Even if you don't think you know what you're doing. #hlsmedia
Kelly Nigl

those of you from #HLS12 who were wanting the google+ cheat sheet it's on my blog today! #HLSmedia http://t.co/SSNjUbAQ
Heather Montgomery

The title of your post is more important than you think! #hls12 #hlsmedia
Meg Doll

You are still making a connection with people, even if they don't retweet or respond to your tweets! #HLSmedia #HLS12
Mary Baum


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Heather has been the voice behind RunningWithSass.com for almost three years. She loves running, fitness, and being a Disney vacation planner and social media director for the travel agency she works for. Heather has appeared on the cover of Fit, a  local New Orleans magazine,  In Woman’s World magazine, as Women’s Running magazine’s Blogger on the Run, is a Fitfluential and Sweat Pink Ambassador, and has worked with several brands in an attempt to encourage and motivate other people to lead a healthy lifestyle. When not traveling or working out, Heather loves to read, hang out with her family (including furry children Bella and Sassy), and of course blog.

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