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How to Increase Breast Size Naturally

If you want to learn how to increase breast size naturally you’re not alone. Many women want to have bigger breasts, as they feel it will boost their confidence, help more guys notice them, and make them feel like more of a woman.

Some females want to have bigger breasts not just for physical appearance but because they want to be able to breastfeed and they know that it won’t be possible if their breasts aren’t developing the way they should.

You don’t have to accept your small breasts as there are a number of different natural methods you can do to successfully increase your breast size.

Why Are Your Breasts Small?

There are a few main reasons why your breasts aren’t as big as you would like them. One of these reasons is because you might be suffering from some kind of genetic disorder.

Another possible reason some women have underdeveloped breasts is due to some kind of hormonal complication during puberty. If you’re suffering from a hormonal problem it’s best to seek the advice of a gynecological endocrinologist, who specializes in hormonal problems of females.

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally

how to naturally increase breast size


One of the best ways to increase breast size naturally is to focus on your daily diet. Keep in mind that eating these foods by themselves isn’t going to give you any huge growth, but if you include these foods in your daily natural breast enlargement routine they will definitely help give you great results (healthy and perky breasts).

Another benefit of eating these foods is that it will keep your overall body healthy as well. These foods are rich in phyto-estrogen (plant based estrogen), which will help stimulate your estrogen level and help with natural breast development. Some of the best foods to improve your body’s estrogen levels include:


how to increase breast size

Just 1 cup of soymilk has around thirty milligrams of phyto-estrogen known as flavones. Soy milk is made from soy beans and it can be found in grocery stores.

Sesame Seeds

how to increase breast size naturally

Lignan is a type of phyto-estrogen that sesame seeds are packed with. Sesame seeds are a very popular food item often used to garnish certain dishes. Just a single ounce of sesame seeds has about eleven milligrams of estrogen in it.


make breasts bigger

Flaxseeds also contain a high amount of the phyto-estrogen known as lignans. In one ounce of flaxseeds there is about 85 milligrams of phyto-estrogen.



Another food you should consider implementing in your daily diet are soybeans. Soybeans are packed with isoflavones, which is another kind of phyto-estrogen.

  • Vegetables like kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower are all great sources of the phyto-estrogen known as lignans.
  • Fruits that are high in lignans include peaches, cherries, oranges, raisins, strawberries, and melons.
  • Food items that are high in protein are a good choice to include in your diet as well. Some of these type of foods include eggs, all natural chicken breats, lean beef, shrimp, beans, and lentils.
  • Eat more fishes that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, or you can take omega 3 fish oil supplements. Salmon is a great choice, as it’s packed with Omega 3′s.
  • Eat more whole grain based foods and avoid white pastas and breads.
  • Eat less sugars and reduce or quit smoking and drinking alcohol.


Vitamins are essential when you’re trying to grow your breasts naturally. The nutrition vitamins provide you with is not only important for breast development, but breast health also.

Think about it.

You need vitamins in order to keep your skin looking healthy. There’s no way you can have healthy looking breasts if you aren’t getting the vitamins your body needs. Check out some of the best vitamins to take for natural breast enlargement:

Vitamin A

herbal breast enhancement

In order to keep your skin fully nourished you need vitamin A. Dry and flaky skin is what you’ll get when you don’t have enough vitamin A. You can get vitamin A supplements at your local grocery store.

Vitamin E

natural breast augmentation

Taking 50mg of vitamin E per day is recommended in order to keep your skin and general health in top shape.

Vitamin C

natural breast enhancement foods

Collagen is a protein that is neccessary for your skin. The appearance of your skin depends on the quality of collagen in your skin. Vitamin C is a well known collagen producer. Help your body produce more collagen by taking vitamin C tablets.


increase breast size exercise

Another great way to increase breast size naturally is to perform certain exercises. Fatty tissue is what your breasts consists of so how big they are depends on the amount of fat you store there.

Some of the factors that determines how much fat your body stores in your breasts include weight, genetics, age, and health. Pectorals are the muscles that rest right below your breast, and these muscles determine how perky your breast are.

Exercises will help to make your breasts appear bigger, firmer, more shapely, and more perky. Some of the best exercises that can increase your breast size include push ups, incline fly, chest press, pectoral flys, and many more.

Chest Presses

One of the best exercises to build your pectoral muscles beneath your breasts are chest presses. To perform chest presses you will need to lay down flat on your back and bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Now hold a pair of dumbbells in both hands.

Make sure the dumbbells you use you can easily manage. About 5 to 10 pound dumbbells should do. Bend your elbows at a ninety degree angle and then use the muscles in your chest to raise the weights up toward the ceiling and make them touch each other. Perform about 2 to 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps at least 3 times every-week.

Side Swerves

This exercise will help to tone up the muscles of your chest and make the breasts look firmer. To perform you’ll need to sit down and keep your back up straight. Now position your arms on your hips and then turn towards your left side as much as you can.

Hold this position for a short while and then reverse to the other side (far right). The sides of your breasts will especially tone up and look more perky by performing this exercise.


There are certain herbs known to help women get bigger breasts. The way herbs help increase the size of your breasts is by triggering hormonal changes that are the same like when a woman is going through pregnancy or lactating.


herbs to increase breast size

Fennel is a herb that can help increase breast size because it contains the same type of estrogen that’s made by the body during the course of pregnancy and puberty. For years fennel has been known to naturally increase the size of female’s breasts and improve libido.

The 3 main properties in fennel that stimulate estrogen production that leads to better breast development are dianethole, photoanethole, and anethole. You can consume fennel seeds as they are or you can use them to make a tea.

Consume the fennel seeds a few times each day to boost your estrogen level. Fennel seed supplements can also be taken.



Probably the most popular herb to grow bigger breasts is fenugreek. Fenugreek is popular for natural breast enlargement because it contains certain properties like diosgenin that helps boost estrogen hormones in your body.

These hormones produced by fenugreek help you get bigger breasts by imitating the hormonal effects that lactation produces, as it acts as a breast milk enhancer. You can take 2 or 3 fenugreek supplements each day to help promote breast development.

Blessed Thistle


Blessed thistle is a very effective herb when it comes to natural breast enlargement. This herb grows mainly in Asian and Mediterranean regions, and it is used for various medical reasons.

Blessed thistle helps with increasing the size of your breast the same way it promotes an increase in milk flow with mothers who are breastfeeding. Women who are not pregnant or lactating will experience an increase in breast tissue and growth, as the herb will imitate the effect by making your body think it’s supposed to make milk flow.

If you’re taking any type of medications you should consult your doctor first before you take any of these herbs. Also, if you’re suffering from any type of health conditions you should also use caution and talk with your doctor first.

Check out the full list of herbs and how they work here.

Natural Breast Enlargement Program

By far the most common question we get on our website is what natural breast enlargement program out there really works. When people ask us what’s the best step by step system to get fully developed breasts  without risky and expensive surgery and useless creams we almost always recommend:

Boost Your Bust

My lack of chest size has always been a sensitive issue for me. In fact, my boobs used to be my biggest insecurity. When I was 16 I was finally wearing a bra at a size 32a. When I turned 19 my boobs looked exactly the same as they did back then. TINY!

I had NO cleavage whatsoever and when I went out without a bra it looked like I had no boobs at all. My small breasts looked ridiculous on my 5 ft 8 frame. I’ve seen girls at the age of 14 with bigger boobs than me and it made me feel sick.

My mom and sister didn’t make it any better as they always just say I’m beautiful, but then turn around and tease me about my small breasts and tell me to gain weight :? . They have much bigger breasts and don’t understand that a pretty face doesn’t help the fact that my small boobs make me look like a 12 year old. I’ve always died for a pair of womanly breasts like everyone else in my family.

By the time I was 27 I was starting to lose hope and thought I was always going to be small chested. All my friends who had the same problem as me were now all C and D cups… so not fair.

I tried using progesterone cream and everything else you can think of. Surgery wasn’t an option though, because even though I wanted to increase my breast size, I didn’t want to hurt myself or spend a lot of money for the thing that may harm me in the future. You know that breast surgery causes pain and we need to go and get the stuff inside them replaced after time passes. So it’s not just one time to undergo that pain.

It reached a point where I was I tired of feeling ridiculous when I wore clothes, I was tired of being too ashamed to go swimming, I was tired of crying at night, and I was tired of my sex life being non-existent because I had no confidence in my appearance.

I was so desperate I would have tried anything. So when I first stumbled upon Jenny Bolton’s all natural breast enlargement program I didn’t even hesitate. I knew I was onto something when I went from an A cup to a legit B cup (and growing!) within the first 5 weeks :D . I couldn’t even believe it. It Worked! Thank God! I’ve been a Busty Beauty ever since :-P .

I was so happy with my results I reached out to Jenny and had the pleasure of working with her for a short while. Jen always keeps her word and delivers real results with her product.

There is so much misleading information out there when it comes to naturally increasing breast size it is easy to get overwhelmed.

So after continually being asked by some of our regular subscribers we decided to strip down 7 of the most popular natural breast enlargement products to see which ones actually worked. It wasn’t a surprise that most of them were complete Garbage.

In the end, only 2 made the cut. These 2 all natural programs provide all the information and resources needed to permanently increase your breast size quickly, safely, and in a cheap way.

Boost Your Bust
Bust Boosting Solution
Boost Your Bust

Most of our subscribers went with our number 1 recommendation and tried the Boost Your Bust and had great success with it.

The natural system provided by this program helped most of our subscribers achieve at least a 1 cup increase in their breast size within a pretty short time period.

Jenny Bolton, the creator of this natural breast enlargement routine used to be an A cup until she strarted applying natural remedies, exercises, and massages that took her from an A Cup to a B Cup in under 5 weeks.

By the 6th week of applying the methods she grew to C cup size. Eventually she decided to share all her secrets that allowed her to increase her breast size without creams, pills, or surgery.


When I first saw the Bust Boosting Solution, I must confess I thought here we go…., yet another so-called Internet Guru promising unrealistic results… and usually I would’ve just stayed away from this typa’ thing like the plague.

However, since the entire point of our research was to end all speculations and to find the best ‘natural breast enlargement’ programs on the web, we just went ahead and downloaded it.

In fact, we were pleasantly surprised… The title of the website is “Increase Your Breast Size Naturally Using an Unusual Proven Tip”, and that’s pretty much what it teaches you how to do. The methods are valid and the ideas do work… and I only know this because we have been using some of them for years to help out underdeveloped women around the world.

What’s Inside?

The program contains a 57 page e-Book that provides detailed step by step information on how to get bigger breasts at home naturally.

Inside Boost Your Bust you’ll discover 7 chapters that covers everything from fundamental information on what your breasts are and how they grow to the exact breast enlargement routine that Jenny followed personally to go from a small A cup to perfectly round C cup size breasts in just 9 months. You’ll discover all the natural ingredients, herbs, and massages that has helped me and many of our subscribers experience natural breast development.

You’ll also learn about 4 breast boosting exercises that will help you make your breasts look fuller and more perky. The herbs and plants Jen introduces in chapter 4 will activate the estrogen in your body so that your boobs not only get bigger, but your body feels and looks more feminine and curvy.

Our users didn’t have to wait long to see results as they began seeing the results within the first couple weeks of consistently applying the methods in the routine. Most of our users managed to increase their breast size by at least 1 cup within 4 weeks.

Even though some of our subscribers didn’t achieve results as fast as what was claimed on the website, they still managed to increase their breast size within 6 weeks. Not bad, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The part our subscribers liked the most was the fact that this all-natural product was 100% painless and can caused NO SIDE EFFECTS. It was like night and day compared to the surgery, creams, and other methods promoted by cosmetic doctors. All users who reported back to us stated the breast size they achieved was permanent, which is the most important thing.

What’s Inside?

Bust Boosting Solution is packed with detailed instructions and videos… and you’re also given specific ingredients to create your own fail proof homemade cream using natural ingredients in your kitchen to help promote breast growth naturally.

The subscribers who experienced good results with this natural breast enlargement system liked the simple step by step procedures. Over a 2 month period their results were hardly bad.

However, their results didn’t live up to what was stated on the website nor were they as effective and as easy to implement as the techniques in the Boost Your Bust.

Bust Boosting Solution does work but I’d advise you to read our conclusion before taking action.


    • Clothing Secrets – Clothing tricks are shared by Jenny that can help make your breasts look a lot bigger and appealing than they really are.
    • 10 Bra-Busting Foods – Once you learn about these 10 foods and begin eating them daily you won’t have to worry about small breasts any longer.
    • Powerful Breast Massage – Learn a powerful breast massage technique that stimulates breast growth hormones that instantly makes your breasts look round and full.
    • Works For Everybody – No woman is excluded when it comes to Jenny’s breast enlargement methods, as it works no matter your lifestyle, age, etc.
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    • Yoga Basic Plus.
    • Stretchmark Prevention.
      Caring Your Hair techniques.



60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This natural breast enlargement system is backed by a full 60 days money back guaranteed.

So if you aren’t happy with your results within the first 60 days of applying the system, or if you’re just not satisfied with it you can return it for a full refund, No Questions Asked.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

This natural breast enlargement system is backed by a full 60 days money back guaranteed.

So if you aren’t happy with your results within the first 60 days of applying the system, or if you’re just not satisfied with it you can return it for a full refund, No Questions Asked.

The Conclusion…..

To Sum it All Up… there is a lot of reputable information in the Bust Boosting Solution. However, if you want a more complete and proven system that gives you all the steps to follow so you can have the big, natural breasts you’ve always wanted without surgery or implants…. then you should definitely go with the Boost Your Bust system.

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Breast Massages


If you want to know how to increase breast size naturally you should definitely learn how to properly perform certain breast massages. Massaging your breasts help promote growth by increase blood flow to your breast area.

The more blood flow towards your breasts the more estrogen your breasts will receive, as estrogen travels through your body in the bloodstream. Also, massages help with breast enlargement by stimulating milk production, or prolactin.

Prolactin is an essential hormone when it comes to making your breast bigger and it can be triggered by stimulating your breasts and nipples on a consistent basis.

Click here to see the full list of breast enhancement massages that really work, and how to perform them properly.

Massage 1

This exercise is done by placing your hands on your breasts and rotating them towards the center of your chest. Continue to rotate your palm in a circular motion towards the center of your chest for at least 10 minutes.

Massage 2

You can also massage your breast to simulate growth by putting your hands on the lower half of your breast and then do small cirular movements going upwards and then inwards to your cleavage area.

Massage 3

Perform this massage by rubbing your palms together to get them warm. Now position your warm hands over your breasts and begin rubbing inwards. Your hands should be going around your breasts in a circle.

Perform at least one hundred rubs in a circular motion each morning and again at night. Make the circular movement last for around two seconds. You’ll notice a growth in your cup size if you perform this massage consistently for at least 1 month.


Breast Enhancement Pumps & Suction Devices

Breast Enhancement Pumps

Breast enhancement pumps and suction devices work by expanding and growing the breast tissue. Just like a body builder who puts his muscles through excessive tension in order for his muscles to grow, breast pumps apply a certain amount of tension on the tissues in your breasts so that they eventually grow over a period of time.

The only downside to using these products is the fact that you have to stay consistent with it, which we find is hard for a lot of people to do. Most people give up using the pump after a few sessions and never experience any growth at all. Those that can bear with the constant suction and tension being applied to their breasts day in and day out for up to 4 to 6 months have a greater chance of being successful.

You don’t have to use a breast pump exclusively either, as most women that contact us experience the best and fastest results by combining their pumping with other methods like massages and herbs to create an effective daily breast enhancement routine.

Check out the full article that goes into great detail on how these pumps work, how to use them, what to expect, and the different products that are available on the market right now.

If you ever wondered how to increase breast size naturally these are some of the best things you can do. Whatever natural approach you take make sure you be patient.

A lot of females don’t manage to get bigger breasts because they give up too soon after not seeing any results. The truth is it may take months to begin noticing good results, or it might only take a few weeks.