My Quantum Vision System Review

Quantum Vision System is a program developed by Dr. Kemp for people whose vision is less than perfect and those who want to achieve 20/20 vision within a week. Both near and farsightedness are addressed by the system along with other common eye disorders. While the system is called groundbreaking because it is significantly different than most main stream treatments including glasses, contacts, and surgery.  However, the system is based on the Bates Method which was developed and scientifically validated over a century ago.

Below is my Quantum Vision System review based on my experience:

The 3 Step System At A Glance:

  1. Cleaning and Nourishing your eyes
  2. Daily Eye Exercises to Improve Vision and Strength
  3. Healing Visualization

Pros of Quantum Vision System

All Natural Solution – Every step mentioned in the system is completely natural. This program is ideal for people who believe in drug free medicine and are tired of trying to improve their vision by pumping drugs in their system.

Quick Hassle Free Results – How many programs can claim to give you perfect vision in 7 days? None. This is one of the biggest selling points of the program.

Backed By A Triple Guarantee – It is rare for a program to claim something and back it up with a triple guarantee. It shows the confidence of the author.

Cons of Quantum Vision System

While my Quantum Vision System review is generally positive, I did find a few cons but in no way do they overshadow the pros of this program –

Negative Tone Towards The Medical Health System – I found Dr. Kemp’s tone towards the medical system a bit off-putting. He put the established system in a negative light and personally, I could have done without it.

Marketing Hype – There is definitely some puffery and marketing hype going on regarding the benefits of the program. There is no doubt about the fact that the is groundbreaking in its brilliance and novelty, but the hype only creates doubts in people’s minds.

In an effort to really give a balanced review of the system, I also wrote about the main reasons for Quantum Vision System Negative Reviews.


Additional Details:

I must admit that when I bought the QVS, I was disbelieving about its claims because 7 days isn’t enough time to get a great vision. I suffer from mild short sightedness but wearing glasses is absolutely essential for me. My head starts hurting without them. However, by the time I came close to the end of the week, I noticed that I could keep my glasses off my face for longer durations. While it took longer than a week, I didn’t request a refund as I was very pleased with the results over a couple months and what I’m really interested in is long-term results.

After finishing the book, I went through the instructional books and the eye chart was hung on my wardrobe to check my vision on a daily basis. However, everyone reading this Quantum Vision System review should know that this program requires dedication, even if your vision improves within 7 days you will need to continue a maintain program to keep your vision improvements.

If you are like me and are afraid that the contacts, glasses, or drugs you are taking are doing more harm than good, you should definitely try out the all-natural Quantum Vision System because even if it doesn’t work, your body wouldn’t be affected. In this day and age, people don’t have time to invest in long and complicated programs. QVS is easy to follow with its 3 basic steps and the results can be achieved in a week. The presence of the guarantee not only gave me confidence while making the purchase, it also acted as a safety net. Even though Dr. Kemp is sure that no one would need to use the ‘Refund’ button, I knew I could get my money back without any hassles if the program didn’t work for me.