My Healthy Living Blog

Welcome to my Healthy Living Blog. I’m Mary Miles and I’m a holistic health councilor. While I’m a health councilor, I too struggle with my health due to long-term weight control issues. I started this website to share my weight loss experiences and knowledge.

If you ever think you are alone in battling your weight issues or feel you are too busy, please consider these recent statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

American adult obesity prevalence:

  • Over 1/3 of adult American’s are obese. That’s about 78 Million
  • Another 1/3 of adult American’s are overweight which is another 78 Million

Why being over weight is expensive and risky:

  • Annual medical costs of people overweight is $1,429 higher than people of normal weight
  • The average life-expectancy of obese American’s is 6.2 years shorter than people of normal weight

On average at least 25% of American women are actively trying to lose weight with the majority failing to reach their goals. But don’t give up! It may take a few attempts but keep researching and trying new ideas.

To get you started I’ve compiled 20 tricks I’ve used over the years with my patients and even myself to help lose weight.