Reasons for Quantum Vision System Negative Reviews

The Quantum Vision system is a groundbreaking new technique to cure vision problems. If cure seems a bit strange, it’s because people usually talk about treating vision problems. The underlying assumption of the Quantum Vision system is that one can actually cure bad eyesight. (Note: maintenance exercise is necessary) In fact, Dr. Kemp believes eyeglasses and contact lenses often only makes one’s vision worse over time. It’s a bold claim, and any groundbreaking technique will meet with some criticism. In my experience, the simple fact is that the system worked but after using the system and reading the negative commons I can understand why. Below I address some of the main causes for people to call this a hoax or a scam.

Negative #1: Eye Industry Conspiracy

One common complaint comes from Dr. Kemp’s comments about the profitability of eye care. He’s maintained that much of the eye care industry is focused more on selling eye wear than it is on patient patient health. Is his stance correct? Well probably yes and no. Yes. Vision companies need to make money selling glasses and contacts but do they really hide secret exercises? I really doubt that! In the end, what matters is the Quantum Vision System works and can offer an alternative to the current standard treatments.

Negative #2: Who is Dr. Kemp?

Other Quantum Vision System negative reviews focus on Dr. Kemp’s identity. Some critics maintain that lack of information about Dr. Kemp makes him seem closer to an actor than a doctor. The fact is that there’s a number of negative outcomes to being an outspoken critic of popular and wealthy industries. If the doctor is using a pseudonym, there’s good reason. The very fact that people are digging into issues of his identity and location show that there’s cause for concern. Especially given that the doctor needs to maintain his medical license. Controversy has often worked against doctors. Again, his methods speak for themselves. Earlier techniques, such as the Bates Method, have proven that he’s working within an established field.

Negative #3: Information is Already on the Internet (Free)

Some critics say a person can search the internet and find all of the information in the program for free. This is probably true based on what I read and learned from Dr. Kemp’s program HOWEVER I really doubt I would have been able to organize the exercises and nutrition program for my specific situation. The value of the program is having a licensed professional sift through the data and design a simple easy to follow program.

The fact is Dr. Kemp is an optometrist. Learning about vision isn’t limited to single conditions. Everything within the eye is related to other parts of the eye, and one’s overall biology. The average person won’t know what issues need to be taken into consideration to get optimal results. Dr. Kemp’s years of experience within the field ensure that he knows what steps need to be taken by people working under special circumstances.

Negative #4: Testimonials

Finally, some Quantum Vision System negative reviews focus on the absence of last names within testimonials. This is especially ironic given that the critics also often omit their last name.  The simple fact is that in 2015, it is very standard to omit your last name due to internet privacy concerns. A testimonial should never be a promise of exact results as everyone is different. A testimonial helps a potential customer better understand the customer experience before buying.