Turbulence Training 2.0 Review

Tired of spending hours each week on the treadmill or elliptical and not seeing the fat-burning results you want? In this Turbulence Training review, I will share fitness author Craig Ballantyne’s powerful alternative. Get ready for a change in your thinking about exercise and fat loss.

What is Turbulence Training

Turbulence Training is a workout and nutritional approach that promises more effective results than traditional cardio workouts. It is a powerful alternative to typical workout regimes, in which those of us trying to achieve optimal fitness spend hours in the gym using cardio machines. With Turbulence Training, those who want to get in top physical shape can achieve this goal with just three 30-minute workouts per week – making this workout perfect for anyone who works long hours, has young children at home, or just doesn’t want to spend hours in the gym every week to look and feel great. As part of this Turbulence Training review, I will outline some of the research concepts behind the workout.

Everything You Believed About Exercise Might be Wrong

Traditional beliefs about exercise have included the notion that an hour or more of daily “cardio” workouts, such as running, using the elliptical machine, or biking are necessary to achieve weight loss. Craig Ballentyne, certified Turbulence Training instructor, cites extensive research studies demonstrating that these beliefs about cardio training are simply wrong. In fact, this much cardio training can even be harmful.

The Problems Associated With Cardio Training

This Turbulence Training review is intended to shed some light on the actual harm that can be done by extreme cardio. First, the body’s hormones respond in an adverse way to intense cardio. Studies show that the T3 hormone drops and cortisol increases as a result of too much cardio exercise. These hormonal responses are exactly the opposite of what we want if the goal is to burn body fat. A drop in T3 and a rise in cortisol cause the retention of body fat. The body fat retained is the most dangerous kind: belly fat which leads to heart disease.

Personally, I find that on days I incorporate lengthy cardio workouts, I am tempted to overeat. While I feel fine for a while after a workout, later, I am starving! In doing research for this Turbulence Training review, I have discovered that I am not alone in this “cardio = hunger” phenomenon. For example, a 2008 study in the Journal of Obesity observed that hard cardio workouts caused people to eat 100 additional calories beyond what was burned off in working out. People can easily develop a vicious cycle of working out more and more in an attempt to burn calories, yet still gaining weight from the stress of cardio and the urge it creates to overeat.

Another issue with extensive cardio training is actual damage to the body. While we are accustomed to thinking of cardio training as beneficial to health, the opposite results from excessive amounts of cardio training. To illustrate this point, take a look at marathon runners. One would expect that these elite athletes would be in top cardiovascular shape. However, many marathon runners have actually sustained serious damage to the heart. Several top marathoners have died of heart attacks. How is this possible? Much research lately has focused on inflammation and the damage it causes to the body. One theory behind the damage sustained by marathon runners is that the inflammation caused by continuous marathon training elevates coronary plaque. While most runners are not necessarily training for marathons, extensive cardio such as running also damages joints, leading to ailments such as arthritis, tendonitis and bursitis.


How is Turbulence Training Different?

Turbulence Training is profoundly more efficient, safer, and targeted to increase the hormones that burn fat rather than store fat. Turbulence Training is based around the concept of short, intense bursts of targeted exercise that produces superior fat loss. How much more fat loss? Studies have shown anywhere from 200% to 450% more fat loss compared to traditional cardio workouts. The bottom line is that, in these studies, exercisers doing Turbulence Training lost six times the weight of those doing cardio, in a fraction of the time.

What is Included With Turbulence Training?

The Turbulence Training program provides 24 workouts that you can do anywhere. You don’t need a gym membership. You’ll need some basic exercise equipment and a way to play video such as your tablet, computer or phone. Essentially, you will work out very vigorously for thirty minutes three times per week using exercises that build muscle and promote fat loss not only during the workout, but with an “afterburn” effect that raises the body’s metabolism. The efficiency of the exercise is key.

In addition to the videos, an exercise guide with a 12-week schedule is also included. You don’t need a personal trainer, as you’ll have all the information you need at hand. The Turbulence Training program includes ways to adapt existing workouts that you already enjoy to increase fat-burning through the special Turbulence Training technique. And since diet and exercise are both important for fat loss, easy-to-follow nutrition advice is part of the program.

Who Will Succeed With Turbulence Training?

Turbulence Training isn’t for the faint of heart. While there are beginner programs, the user must be prepared to work out very vigorously in short bursts. Fat loss will always require effort. In order to succeed with the program, the user must be consistent in working out. That’s made easier by the amount of detail in the program demonstrating how to do each exercise correctly and safely, and the motivation that comes with seeing results! To succeed with Turbulence Training, you don’t need to be an elite athlete or a “gym rat.” It’s designed to help busy people fit in serious fat loss in 90 flexible minutes per week. Anyone who can fit in a small amount of time each week and can follow detailed directions can get the body they want with Turbulence Training.

Reasons for Turbulence Training Negative Reviews

• Intense workouts are very challenging and require serious effort
• Requires individual attention, reading and viewing rather than just doing what a coach says
• Not suitable for individuals with serious existing health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or chronic injuries

Reasons for positive Turbulence Training Reviews

• Efficient fat loss
• No need for a gym membership
• Reasonable cost
• Avoiding damage to the body caused by extensive cardio workouts
• Superior results in less time than most exercise programs

I recommend giving Turbulence Training a try. The program comes with a great 60 day money back guarantee, and you have nothing to lose but that stubborn fat.