Weight Loss Diet Plan


When it comes to weight loss, one size does not fit all. Some people are interested in a fast weight loss diet plan intended to quickly trim off five pounds, others want to slowly lose 50 pounds. Most people want to make any kind of weight loss permanent. Women struggle with weight loss more than men due to inherent hormonal differences. People even find unique specialty diets such as the oatmeal diet or carb cycling diet to be effective.

Diet Plans to Lose Weight Fast

Many individuals are interested in developing a diet plan to lose weight fast. They want to drop five or so pounds as quickly as possible in order to look their best for a particular upcoming social event. The best diet plan to lose weight fast requires that sugar and starches (carbohydrates) be eliminated from the diet. Eliminating sugar from the diet dramatically decreases the release of insulin, which encourages the body to shed both fat and water. Many people can easily drop five to 10 pounds in a single week by simply eliminating all sources of carbohydrates from their diets. Read how to lose weight in 5 days.

Diet Plans for Men vs. Women

Men and women do need different plans. Women seem to pack on the pounds when they consume carbohydrates and often suffer from sugar cravings; men seem immune to these effects. Kathy Tallbridge, RD, says she “sees the best effects when women try to eat and exercise like men.” This means that a weight loss diet plan for women should emphasize eating meat, avoiding carbohydrates and staying off the treadmill. Women trying to lose weight should lift weights instead of engaging in endless hours of cardiovascular exercise. A healthy eating plan for women should encourage the consumption of protein and healthy fats, since many women avoid these healthy types of food.

A weight loss diet plan for men will suggest making a few adjustments to their eating habits. For example, one healthy diet plan for men might suggest to skip the beer, chips and sugary barbecue sauce, and to choose a medium sized portion instead of the super-sized portion. A healthy eating plan for men should encourage the consumption of vegetables, since men tend to avoid them. A healthy eating plan for men should also encourage the selection of fresh foods over processed foods and selecting healthy carbohydrates.

Diet Plans for Couples

One advantage of encouraging men to eat more like women and women to eat more like men is that it makes it easier for a couple who wants to lose weight to work together. The days of the woman starving herself on salads, granola and yogurt while the man eats steaks should be long gone. For couples, a healthy weight loss diet plan for men should end up being very similar to a healthy weight loss diet plan for women. Both should concentrate on eating protein, healthy fats, and plenty of vegetables and fruit. Both plans should concentrate on correct portion sizes and avoiding excess carbohydrates. A healthy diet plan for men may include more healthy carbohydrates such as whole-grain bread instead of chips. Women trying to lose weight usually do best if they avoid carbohydrates altogether.


Multiple randomized controlled trials have demonstrated that pretty much any kind of restricted calorie diet will cause weight loss, but the problem is most people can’t comply with the diets for more than a few weeks. So they lose weight and then gain it back. The weight loss diet plan that works for you is the one that you can comply with.

In most cases, a few simple adjustments to diet and exercise can result in substantial, permanent weight loss. However, the low-fat diets that used to be suggested as the cure-all seem impossible for anyone to comply with long-term due to the hunger that they cause. Low-fat diets may not be terribly healthy either, since people’s bodies need substantial amounts of certain kinds of fat. A diet that looks at individual goals and needs and then tailors carbohydrate consumption to the individual is more likely to result in success.