What is the Quantum Vision System?

The simple ability to see is something that everyone values but often take for granted. From enjoying a breathtaking sunset to driving to the grocery store, sight is a necessity that we can’t imagine living without.

The problem is that it tends to begin to fail as we age. Our eye sight naturally declines as we age and in the modern world of TV’s, computers, and smart phones, we put greater stress on our eyes than previous generations.

The good news is that there’s more than just a few ways to keep your sight sharp. The Quantum Vision System is a program designed to do just that by improving nourishment for your eyes, daily exercises and the visualization of healing to achieve better results.

The system can be broken down into three parts that complement one another. The basis for the system’s exercises is known as the Bates Method which was develops over 100 years ago before any of today’s optometric technology was available.

The Quantum Vision System

1. Feeding Your Eyes

Your body requires that you feed it the right nutrients and vitamins to ensure that it can repair itself. Your eyes are no exception, as there are certain nutrients that your eyes need to replenish the various structures within them.

For example, consider something as simple as vitamin A. Too little of it can result in blurred vision or even blindness as your body allocates what vitamin A you do consume to the areas that need it most.

The Quantum Vision System teaches you how to not only nourish your eyes, but also how to maintain them, the latter of which is just as important to ensure clarity in your vision.

Eye drops are one of the ways that we often neglect our eyes. Certain kinds can make it so our vision becomes blurred or that our eyes become dry as they rely on an outside source for lubrication.

Correcting these issues sets the foundation for your vision to become sharper with this system.

2. Teaching Your Eyes to Focus and Relax

While you may not think of your eyes as doing such, they certainly do run a day-long marathon every day of the year. It’s become commonplace for the average person to stare at a computer or television monitor for hours on end, which in turn crates eyestrain that damages the eyes.

While glasses can help with the symptoms, they are far from a proper solution. Dr. John Kemp, experienced optometrist and author of the Quantum Vision System, details this dilemma in-depth with his system.

The only way to repair the damage that has been done for countless years is to begin strengthening the eyes again. The muscles the help us focus on near and distant things can be corrected with the right exercises in as little as twenty minutes a day with periodic relaxation breaks.

Understanding how to perform these exercises and then sticking to them is yet another way that this system helps to repair and improve your eyesight.

3. Visualizing the Results

The last of the three steps  is arguably the most important. It involves visualizing crystal-clear vision so you can know what results to focus on achieving.

The reason visualization is so important concerns the link between the mind and the body. It allows for your body to work in the ways that it should, which in turn helps to ensure that your eyes can find that perfect point and maintain it when you consume the right nutrients and perform the simply eye exercises in the previous points of the program.

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Is the Quantum Vision System a Miracle?

The Quantum Vision System isn’t anything miraculous by itself. The techniques and knowledge are things that people often fail to grasp because of the misinformation that they may have acquired or from their inability to understand how the eyes work with the rest of the body.

The steps outlined in this program make sense, which allows them to produce results in most situations. You may not have 20/20 vision after completing the program, but your vision will certainly improve to some degree.