Knowing The Various Health Problems That Are Related To Dirty Carpets

Over time, the carpets present in your home can get nasty due to the accumulation of dirt, dust & debris. Furthermore, they can get stained caused by beverage spills and thereby experience extreme wear & tear. And if you don’t take care of your carpets for an extended period, they can turn from beautiful home decor items to potential health hazards. 

That’s why it’s extremely crucial to always stay ahead in your carpet cleaning schedule so that you can avoid health hazards beforehand. To help you understand the gruesome health issues that are related to dirty carpets, we are listing some of the most common diseases that you can face with unclean carpets. 

Top Health Issues Associated With Dirty Carpets

  • Asthma

According to Bunbury carpet cleaning services, over a long period, your carpets will get infested with dust mites, if you don’t perform regular carpet cleaning & vacuuming procedures. Dust mite droppings can also lead to triggering serious asthma attacks in human beings. Apart from asthma, dust mites can also trigger eczema, allergies and rhinitis. In case you’ve been noticing any of these above-mentioned problems lately in your family, then there’s a massive chance that the same is initiated via your dirty carpets. 

  • Mould Infestation

Mould infestation is one of the most dangerous things that homeowners should be worried about. Mould is a type of fungi that generally grows on moist or damp surfaces. Mould contain pores that can get airborne and when these pores are inhaled by human beings, they cause allergy flare-ups. In humans, the effects of mould will be highly dependent on the type of mould as well as the exposure. In worst cases, mould exposure in human beings can lead to death. 

If you don’t clean your carpet regularly, then there’s a high chance that mould growth is imminent on the unexposed part of your carpet –  especially if the floor and/or weather is moisture-laden. That’s why it’s critical to get your carpets cleaned frequently. 

  • Experiencing Athlete’s Foot

One of the other health problems that are associated with dirty carpets is the occurrence of an athlete’s foot. Even though an athlete’s foot is not at all life-threatening, the condition can become very itchy and make you feel uncomfortable. An athlete’s foot is caused by germs that are growing on the surface of your dirty carpets. Athlete’s foot will become extremely painful when worn closed shoes. 

  • Mycotoxins

You can find the presence of mycotoxins inside carpets and buildings that have a massive presence of mould and are dirty as well. These toxins are said to cause serious issue in human beings such as reduced body immunity power, stomach infections and allergies. So, if you don’t treat these issues quickly, then the problems can turn out to be pretty significant. 

  • Norovirus

This is a type of illness that has symptoms pretty close to experiencing an illness known as food poisoning (or otherwise known as stomach flu). Norovirus becomes airborne when walked on and are found generally inside carpet fibres. 

  • Different Skin Problems

Apart from facing issues such as athlete’s foot, which is a skin disease, you can also face other types of skin problems such as rashes and atopic dermatitis. These problems generally occur when you walk on your dirty carpets over time, especially barefooted and the germs enter your body through any openings on the skin, such as cuts and wounds.  Skin diseases are extremely difficult to get rid of and you need to perform everything in your favour to avoid the same. 

Therefore, it’s extremely essential to carry out proper cleaning procedures for your carpets, so that you & your family members can stay away from these health issues. 

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