How to Manage Your Weight and Diet: 10 Tips for Controlling Your Eating

You might have heard that you shouldn’t buy food when hungry. You might also want to grab a piece of sugarless gum before starting your shopping spree. Two studies have shown that chewing gum made people feel less hungry and gave them fewer cravings for junk food. People brought home healthier options like vegetables and bought less high-calorie snacks like chips.

Serve Yourself Healthy Stuff First

You should always choose the most healthful items, whether ordering from a cafeteria or preparing a home-cooked meal. A study has shown that diners at buffets tend to take more of the first few items they see. Before you pile on the food, think twice. Eat vegetables and whole grains before you start adding fattier meats or sides.

Pay for your lunch with cash.

When you can pay with plastic, it’s much easier to purchase junk food and desserts. People should pause when they are asked to hand over hard cash. Researchers found that high school students often opted for healthier foods when told to use cash to purchase cookies and other unhealthy food items.

You can turn off TV cooking shows.

You might find yourself craving snacks if you are trying to lose weight. Research shows that people on diets consume more candy when they watch food-related programming than when they watch food-free programming.

Blue plates are best.

It is possible to make a big difference in the amount of food you eat. Research shows that the more food is matched with the colour of the plates, the more you will eat. Consider using plates of a different colour.

Use smaller plates and bowls.

Your brain uses the size of your dishes to determine how much food you are supposed to eat. A larger dish is a sign that you’re eating more. One study found that people from a larger Chinese buffet ate 52% more food and ate 45% less than those from smaller plates.

Before you give in to a craving, hit the Pause button

Feeling out of control can result from eating when bored, tired, or stressed. You can delay your urge to graze by doing something for five to ten minutes while you wait. Then, see if your cravings subside. Most likely, the craving will recede, at most a little.

Avoid unhealthy snacks

You should keep junk food like chips and candy out of sight. You might eat less. Office workers who kept chocolates at their desks ate 48% less than they were only 6 feet away. They ate 25% less if they kept chocolates in their desk drawers than if they had the sweet stuff on their desks.

Always order the ‘Small.’

Even though you are full, a large container can make you want to eat more. One study found that moviegoers received popcorn in large or medium tubs free of charge. Some were fresh and delicious, while others were stale. The people who received the fresh popcorn in large containers ate 45% less than those given it in medium tubs. Even large containers of popcorn were 33% less than medium tubs.

Take your time and drink water.

Take smaller bites. Slowly chew your food. It would help if you took a bit longer between bites. Drink water as you eat. Research shows that these simple steps are crucial if you want to reduce calories while still feeling full.

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