Braces are necessary to fix your teeth. This is the news that many patients fear. It can seem overwhelming to think about the cost and how it will affect your smile. It doesn’t have it to be. Braces don’t have to be a prison sentence with today’s orthodontic technology. With lingual braces you can smile the whole way through your treatment and no one will ever know that you have braces.

How can lingual braces correct your smile?

This orthodontic device, also known as incognito (hidden braces), consists of brackets and wires. They are smaller than traditional braces, and can be customized for every tooth.

Braces are attached behind your teeth and work in the same manner as other braces to correct or realign your smile. They gently push your teeth into the ideal position by applying continuous pressure.

Incognito Braces: Precision is possible

Our brackets for lingual braces can be tailored to your mouth. To correct misalignments, they are placed on each tooth. You will need to customize the wires connecting each bracket to achieve the desired results.

Because the wires and brackets can be a bit more difficult to fit, it is essential that you get the perfect fit. It’s more difficult to reach the back of your tooth and we have less space to work. To properly place braces, brackets are attached to the teeth using a tray that is custom-made to keep them in place.

Hidden Braces: The Benefits

Lingual braces are invisible and can be hidden behind your teeth. These braces are the ideal solution for professionals, teens, and adults.

Braces can be customized to fit your teeth. They also make use of robotic technology to bend wires with absolute precision. This means that each tooth movement can be controlled precisely to give you the smile you want.

Get Your Dream Smile

The best part is that nearly everyone is eligible for lingual braces.

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