Infused drinks made from cannabis are becoming a more healthy alternative to alcohol as more states legalize it for recreational use.

More bars and alcohol brands are introducing beverages that contain THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that gets people high. After lawmakers legalized edibles, Minnesota breweries now offer THC-infused seltzers. However, the trend began earlier in states like Colorado and California, allowing edibles.

People who desire a buzz but don’t want to drink alcohol might enjoy THC-infused drinks. Some products are low-calorie and natural and can be marketed as “hangover-free.”

Health experts remain sceptical about this new form of cannabis, which is relatively new. This is due to the lack of research.

What are the risks of drinking weed-infused drinks?

CANN, a THC-infused soda, claims to be free from hangovers. However, this is misleading.

Experts fear that people may consume more alcohol than they are able to tolerate while waiting for a buzz. Experts worry that people might consume more drinks than they can tolerate while waiting for a buzz.

Are We Going to See More Research on THC-Infused drinks?

Experts believe there are still many things to learn about cannabis drinks, and their impact on behaviour and long-term health.

Cannabis is currently a Schedule I drug. The Drug Enforcement Administration describes it as a drug that has “no currently accepted medical uses and a high potential to abuse.” LSD, heroin and other drugs are also Schedule I.

Haney explained that there are strict regulations when scientists conduct research using Schedule I drugs.

She stated that it is difficult to conduct effective, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trials with cannabis. It’s difficult to understand the effects of cannabis edibles on the human body without these studies.

It has been proven that cannabis use can lead to dependence or a disorder. However, it is not clear if someone will develop marijuana use disorder from drinking THC-infused drinks.

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