Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed something new about your body? We have.

Sometimes called violin hips, hip dips are the gentle inward curves that lie just below your hips and above the thighs. They’re the latest target for online obsession. Google searches for hip dips and ways to eliminate them have increased in recent months.

Hip dips can be a sign of concern, corrected with exercise, or dangerous. This is completely false. We are here to provide the facts.

What is a hip dip?

The hip dip, also known as violin hips or hip dips, is a natural indentation between your hips and thighs. They are an inbuilt part of your biology and skeleton. Some hips have them; others don’t.

Your hip bone shape will determine if you have hip dips. Some people have more noticeable hip dips than others due to their body type. These are a normal part of your body due to the inward-facing curves of your pelvis. They are not caused by being overweight, obese or otherwise unhealthy. However, higher body fat or more muscle can make them more prominent.

How can you get rid of hip dripping?

The shape of your bones causes hip dips. They can’t be exercised or dieted away. Some people find that their hips become smaller if they lose body fat or increase muscle mass. However, this is not a guarantee. You could also injure yourself if you emphasise the quads and hips too much instead of your glutes.

Worrying about these things can have a negative mental effect. Negative self-talk and dissatisfaction about your body image can have a negative impact on your mental health as well as your self-image. It’s almost like saying that the naturally occurring body parts should be discarded or made to look better.

Hip dip exercises

One quick search on social media reveals that thousands of people are obsessed with their hip shape. There are many tutorials and videos promising to eliminate hip dips permanently. You can even have hip dip surgery.

Body dysmorphia and eating disorders can result from a narrative that focuses on self-improvement. You might experience body dysmorphia by restricting your food intake, eating out more, and feeling unhappy about how you look. Instead of dwelling on what you cannot change , focus on your body and how you can love it.

It is a smart idea to strengthen your lower body as a whole. This will help you to increase your strength during workouts, stabilize your core, and give you the power to do everyday things. Lunges, squats, and glute bridges can be incorporated into your workout to help your lower body get active. This will allow you to target all muscles, not just one, which is what we all know doesn’t work. This will make your workouts more efficient and help you use yoga mats and resistance bands.

There is another way to look at hip dips. Hip dip positivity is gaining popularity online. It helps to discredit the idea that there is an ideal body and rehabilitates the stigma surrounding it. You should be focusing on health and balance, not perfection.

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